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Scildan [WIP]

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Scildan [WIP]

Post  Gamefactory123 on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:03 am

"Scildan" -- derived from the ancient Germanic word for 'shield'.

Approximately 1200 years old.

A medieval suit of armor not unlike the ones you'd find at a museum, but he looks almost completely new, unlike the preserved, mildly rusty ones in a museum. Obviously, he is completely hollow, and could technically be worn if he lets someone. (No one can wear him though, as he has the weight of a mountain.) A purple light shines within his hollow shell. He holds a steel broadsword, which glows with a purple sheen. Inscribed upon it are the same runic symbols that hold him together.




- No vital points (aka heart, head, etc.)
- Kept together by magic; can't "die" until the magic is dispelled
- Extremely durable and strong; he can withstand the power of a mountain, and can strike with the power of a mountain.

- Has no ranged capabilities
- Only exists to protect; cannot attack offensively
- Cannot tell evil from good

Scildan simply wanders the world, until someone needs his protection. He does not care about anything else in the world, and would simply keep protecting, until the person he is protecting needs no more protection. Provocation and alienation don't faze him. He rarely talks, as he usually has no need to, but when he does, he talks in a Shakespearean accent, as it is the closest he can get to his own time period while the people of this time period can understand him. He only speaks when it concerns the safety of the person.

His true name has been lost in the annals of history, but he has been called Scildan.

According to various primary sources, he was found half-buried into the beaches of colonial Massachusetts, by a witch hiding away from the Salem Trials. His armor predates to the 9th century, and appears to be of English origin. Historians believe that his body somehow drifted here from the shores of Great Britain over a period of 800 years after the Anglo-Scandinavian wars. Scildan appears either to be unable or unwilling to answer.


"The nearby volcano, which had been dormant for almost 400 years, erupted yesterday afternoon, at 1:23 PM. All 8 nearby towns in a 500 mile radius were evacuated safely, and reported only a few casualties. Oddly enough, a fair amount of people reported a man in medieval armor protecting them from the lava flow by laying in front of it and blocking it. A video was taken of the man in armor, but many scientists believe it is fake, stating that the armor nor the man inside in no way could have withstood lava and not melted or died from the heat. We will continually update you on this topic on our site. Now, onto other news..."

- Magically Enhanced Suit of Armor
This 1200 year old suit of iron armor from the late 9th century when England was being attacked by the Vikings will always keep itself together due to the magic bonding it. No matter how many pieces it is broken into, they will all slowly coalesce back together. Of course, the more pieces it is broken into, the longer it will take to re-form. If it is merely chopped in half, it can reconnect within a few minutes, but if it is pounded into dust, it might take as long as a month.

The armor is extremely hard due to being compressed by a volcano for years. As it was crushed and condensed by the mountain, the magic attempted to keep it at its original thickness, and continually pulled in matter from the molten rock nearby, continually adding density, until it is finally hard enough to withstand the pressure of a mountain. Thus, the armor hits with the strength of a mountain, and can't be crushed by anything less than a mountain. Of course, piercing or slashing attacks will require less power to penetrate, but will not do as much damage.

- Magically Enhanced Steel Broadsword
Just a normal 1200 year old medieval broadsword, but with the same durability and regenerative abilities as the armor. It can be separated from the armor, and regenerates separately from the armor, but the armor will always have a magic bond to it.

Additionally, it retains pristine sharpness due to the regenerative magic, and will never dull. It is sharp enough to cleave through steel, chop through wood, and cut humans like butter.

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