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Sven Fiedler

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Sven Fiedler

Post  lithgow on Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:29 am

Name: Sven Fiedler
Age: 23
Ethnicity: German
Allegiance: Villains
Origins: Human

Appearance: Sven stands slender, though muscular, at 5’11”. He has short spikey blonde hair and blue eyes. His attire consists of black dress pants and boots, a black dress shirt with a black vest over it, then a pistol shoulder harness which holds two dual pistols one on each side. He occasionally covers up his harness with a black dress coat. The outfit is complete with a pair of black leather gloves.

Acrobatics – Sven is able to perform flips off of objects and summersaults making him excessively mobile and agile.

Expert marksman - Sven is proficient in the use of firearms and is able to fire guns using both hands while moving. His extensive knowledge of guns allows him to use any type of gun as a weapon as he knows how to use them.

Indomitable Will - Determined to finish the job he is given, Sven does not stop hunting his targets until he is told to do so by the people who hire him. Making him even more of a threat because he won’t give up hunting his target.

Making a scene – when Sven is sent to kill someone he makes it known and isn’t quiet about it. He usually creates a large scene instead of dealing with the matter quietly which can draw the attention of the authorities.

Confidence – Because he is so skilled, he can be over confident and underestimate others which can lead to his failure.

Leaving a mess – Sven doesn’t clean up after himself once he kills someone. He leaves the mess for someone to clean up or the authorities to investigate – which can lead them right back to him.

Personality: Whilst a sociopath and cold-blooded killer, Sven demonstrates loyalty to Charles and seems very willing to be directed by a boss if he is let off the leash at regular intervals. He appears to view his killing as art, planning meticulously in many cases, always prepared with an escape route, and happy to confront multiple opponents, armed or not, head-on. He demonstrates a reasonable amount of discipline and professionalism when carrying out his tasks. His formidable combat skills and natural wits made him one of the deadliest and most feared killers in Germany and he hopes his reputation will live on. He shows neither remorse nor empathy. He also has a morbid sense of humor.

History: Sven’s father was a drunk and his mother left him, so he had to fend for himself. He was a hitman in Germany since the age of sixteen, since he had a peaking interest in guns and never had a good influence to teach him killing people was not the right thing to do. He worked for various gang leaders except never for the Harte family due to that family’s large reach he thought he wasn’t good enough to work for them. Eventually he got bored in Germany, as no other hitman could best him, the Harte family empire was crumbling down, and hitmen were starting to be arrested by the authorities. He heard news about a war and the fusion monsters that were appearing outside of Germany. So he left Germany on a mission to hunt all the different types of monsters he heard so much about. During his hunt for the fusions, Charles Von Harte found out about his presence. Charles then sought Sven out and offered to hire him, promising him a lifetime of people to kill and chaos to cause.  Already impressed that the man was a Harte and thirsty for blood, he swore his allegiance to the Harte family. He doesn't care much for the war at hand, he's more interested in causing chaos.

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Re: Sven Fiedler

Post  zerowing21 on Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:58 pm

sorry for the long silence on this lithgow, I'd like the history to have a bit more in it and fusions are global too so thye would be in germany as well.

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Re: Sven Fiedler

Post  Professor Utonium on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:26 pm

Just a few small nitpicks.

What does Sven do in situations where he's the target, or has that never happened? How does he manage to evade the feds after hits, especially if he leaves a mess? Or is he prone to capture by them?

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Re: Sven Fiedler

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