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Cameron King

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Cameron King

Post  techee on Mon May 07, 2018 11:23 pm

Name: Cameron King
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Allegiance: Villain

Appearance: He is often seen with a blazer and skinny jeans. He has medium brown hair that is brushed. His eyes are green. He has an average build of 180 pounds and a height of five feet ten inches. He has that charm look on him that naturally draws people to him.

Strengths: He is known for his knowledge on technology. He can craft something new in a matter of days. He is also known for giving moving speeches that he uses to influence the citizens easily. He can even cause an adult to cry tears of joy if he wants to. With his genius mind, he often spends time coming up with plans whenever he isn't tinkering or working on a new invention. He plans on making himself look good all while making the heroes looking further bad.

Weaknesses: He has a temper even though he has a cool demeanor most of the time. This causes him to be aggressive and do things like throw something off of his desk and to either the wall or a person if there was someone in the same room. He is also known to be impatient. He doesn't want to wait on something to get done or someone stammering on an answer. He wants the action done right away and answer said quick. He considers this as losing valuable time. He also wants things perfect. Nothing out of place. It drives him crazy if things are out of order. If the person he sends out can't get the job done, then he would have to do it himself. Whether if it's confronting the heroes or doing a simple task. He wants things done one hundred percent perfect.

Personality: He has a calm demeanor for the most part. It has to be some blundering idiot to get him to the point of going berserk. He maintains this calm demeanor whenever he is out in public. Most of the time, in front of cameras. Being in front of the cameras shows off his big ego. His company is even named after him. What the public doesn't know is that he tends to be a tad bit sadistic. Going after the heroes to break them, hurt them, defeat them. He seeks gratification by doing that. He even has built a prison where he can capture and torture people if he wants to. He also has a lab where he painfully tests his new inventions on unwilling participants. He is also very smart, which shows through his inventions.

History: Ever since he was young, Cameron was always tinkering with something. He would often take apart a device or computer, look at the inner workings of it, and put it back together. He had a brilliant mind which had caused him to skip a few grades. He got into high school when he was 12 and graduated when he was 16. During that time, he would participate in the school's robotics club, getting top spot at various robotic competitions. He moved to a prestigous tech school, hundred of miles away from Townsville, after getting a full ride scholarship there. There, he would major in engineering, furthering his love in technology. Once he graduated college, he would move back to Townsville and started his tech company where he would develop his own line of advanced computers that would make him millions of dollars. He used that money to create a headquarters in Tech Square under the company name of King Industries. During that time, Fuse invaded Earth which prompted him to focus in on creating weapons, which he would show off to the military once completed. He saw no one attacking Fuse so he took matters in his own hands. He did a press conference, explaining how these so called heroes aren't doing their jobs and proposed his own idea on how to deal with the situation. He created a line of robots dedicated for the war. He kept on challenging the heroesn all while he made himself look good by doing public projects with his own money. Things like building playgrounds and planting a garden to name a few.

Nanos: Yes

Note: I won't use this character until after the next time skip, but when I do use him I will, for now, put Andy on hiatus.

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