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RP Relationships

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RP Relationships

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:20 pm

While it is possible for a RPC/OC relationship to happen, you must ask the Mods either before you begin your character creation, or on it. Asking later is fine too, but it is usually better beforehand. Here are the current relationships:

Bubbles/Holden (Married)
Brick/Tessa (Dating)
Butch/Mandy (Dating)
Numbuh 1/Numbuh 362 (Dating)
Numbuh 2/Numbuh 5 (Dating)
Numbuh 4/Numbuh 3 (Dating)
Chad/Ariana (Dating)
Maurice/Cree (Dating)
Hoss/Eris (Dating)
Ben/Julie (Dating)
Kevin L./Gwen (Dating)
Kevin/Nazz (Crushing)
Eustace/Muriel (Married)
Mac/Kyra (Crushing)
Rex/Beverly (Dating)
Six/Holiday (Dating)
Doc/Drew (Married)
Tommy/Kyara (Kiddy Crush)
Lee/Maya (Kiddy Crush)
Boomer/Roxie (Dating)
Zane/Juniper (Dating)
Jake the Dog/Lady Rainicorn (Dating)
Finn/Flame Princess (Dating)
Austin/Frankie (Married)
Kel/Mallory (Married)
Edd/Silvania (Dating)
Demongo/Elyon (Dating)
Van Kleiss/Mist Darkwell (Married)
Buttercup/Heather Orion (Dating)
Marcus/Amy (Dating)
Ace/Charmcaster (Dating)
Alice Spacebyte/Xavier (Crushing)
Professor Utonium/Trina (Dating)
Bubblegum/Marceline (Dating)
Zak Saturday/Yuki Akizuki (Crushing)

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