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Character Design Contest

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Character Design Contest

Post  zerowing21 on Thu Nov 14, 2013 11:27 pm

Lily is the one who thought up this gem for us to have. Come up with a character from any series you like, be it Homestuck, Hetalia or even FusionFall. You can have up to three characters created for this contest.

The prizes are as followed for winning the contest:
  • First place, a three month trial for a third OC as well as three months with a third RPC.
  • Second place, two month trial with a third OC or a third RPC.
  • Third place, trial with a third OC or a third RPC.
More details will be given to the winners after the winners are chosen.

Some Rules Because We Need Order Dangnabit
  • You are not needed to use the RP Build; a sheet is provided below.
  • Please be as detailed as possible. We want full, fleshed out characters, not Doodlebob. The more, I see the better.
  • Be creative and original! No stealing things from other characters. Given that most of us dabble in different fandoms, we have a wide range of figuring out if a character was used as inspiration or taken.
  • Mod staff can join in for fun, but they will not make it to the finals.
  • Gijinkas are allowed for this.
  • Can't use previously made OCs.

Nickname (If applicable):
Series represented/influenced by:
Appearance and body type:
Nationality (if applicable):
Date of Birth (Year is not necessary):
Species (If applicable):
History: [Early and current]
Weapons (if applicable):
Powers (If applicable):
Theme Song(s):

Now have fun with this and the contest ends January 2nd!

Winners will be announced no later than January 6th.

Feather-Star submitted by Hikari-Chan
Melodia Chime Civetta submitted by Professor Utonium
Shun Dunamis submitted by Kaiser
Jean Jewels submitted by Professor Utonium

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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Flame Melody on Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:12 pm

Name: Feather-Star 
Nickname (If applicable): Feather (Her second part of the name isn't said but rarely by her friends).
Age: 3 years (Looks 25)
Gender: Female
Series represented/influenced by: SpongeBob SquarePants - The Archie Show
Appearance and body type: Feather's body is composed of a light, bit rounded red tube with hands that look like SpongeBob's, and feet that look like Sandy's, but are more slim and doesn't have fur. They're designed to look like hers but in a more sea-compatible version. Her hair is so wavy that it was based of peacock feathers. Her hair looks like hundreds of feathers above her head colored with blue, green, purple, and some touch of black like this: 
Her eyes are colored bright green and she usually wears a long, light purple dress with light frills from the bottom along with some light green stripes starting from her hips to the bottom and have short sleeves upon her shoulders. Her signature shoes are always colored bright blue.

Nationality (if applicable): 
Personality: Feather is a humorous girl, who always laughs at every joke, like Patrick, but she's considered as smart as Sandy. Her cheerfulness and bright look at the future is like SpongeBob, but at much more controlled copy. Her brain functions well when it comes to business, but she is also generous at times and likes helping the needy. Her own personality she developed gradually (which surprisingly didn't happen when she was created) is to never be late on time if it means food. She has a huge appetite that can eat tons of food in a matter of seconds. Food has been her passion ever since she was created. VERY sensitive.
Date of Birth (Year is not necessary): May 17th, 2011.
Species (If applicable): New undefined species. Named as Syckobbo San
Family: None.
Pet/Companions: N/A

History: [Early and current] Forsythe P. Jones (Known as Jughead) was once heading back from school on a lazy Monday. As he walked, he remembered he had some leftover salmon sandwich. As he got it out on the road, he passed by some commotion heading towards the beach, for some reality-TV show was filming in Riverdale. As he decided to go there, a seagull tried to snatch the salmon sandwich from him, but Jughead ended trying to keep it, causing the seagull to peck his head. As he was pecking his head, he got with him a few hair strands which got stuck into the seagull's body.

As the bird's name was cursed as it failed to take the salmon, it went to go fish hunting. As it dove down to catch a fish quickly, the hair strands sunk in the sea deep down until it reached in front of a pineapple with a door on the bottom of the sea. As a figure opened the door, it jumped exclaiming "Wooow!" as it saw the hair follicles. The creature, yellow and spongy, known as SpongeBob SquarePants, gazed at the hair strands trying to figure what was it.

As he was staring at them, his neighbor, a pink star without a nose known as Patrick Star, approaches his friend and salutes him. Apparently he was coming from another "parade" which is full of colorful hooks. He seemed that he chew the last bate which seemed like a peacock feather and wore it around him. He, too, gets surprised by the hair strands. They both stare at it and wonder, and surprisingly SpongeBob doesn't notice his friend's new style. what that thing is, until SpongeBob gets the idea to visit their smart friend, Sandy Cheeks. As they visited and greeted their friend, they asked what is she working on. She explains she's working on some genes mixer which is used to place items in two different chambers to create new items. She's specifically using it to create new food after hibernation ends.

Before they remember to ask her, about the hair with them, the two, amazed by the machine, immediately starts jumping around it from every inch, causing them to push Sandy by mistake inside one of the chambers. Not paying attention to her, they start pushing random buttons on the machine and when they finished looking in the interior, they enter the second empty chamber to discover how it works, but it closes on them. They quickly panic and the machine started running from the earlier pushing of the buttons. 

As the machine finished mixing their genes, a new creature, unnamed and unknown yet to humanity...errr "seamanity" (SpongeBob reference), emerges from the machine. Sandy, SpongeBob and the hair strands in his hands, along with Patrick, all in the machine, have their components combined in the machine to create this new creature. As Sandy reaches out, she quickly reaches the two and starts strangling them and cracking their bones. As the new creature waves at them, Sandy looks at her in amusement. Carrying a magnifying glass, she starts inspecting the creature from top to bottom.

As she asks her what was her name, she says she doesn't know, as she was just created and as the founder, Sandy must name her. Sandy couldn't help but notice her huge hair which looks like feathers. She suspects something and as she shakes her body a little, finds some crinoid leaves stuck on her. She concludes that as she was inspecting crinoid plants, one of the crown part got stuck on her and as she entered the machine, some parts of the plant mixed on her. Along with it, her hair was so colorful. Along with that, Patrick's peacock feather bate is suggested. 

She then hereby names her by her original name. Feather Star. She adores the name and jumps in swirls of happiness. It concludes she's energetic as SpongeBob, little dumb and at same time smart as Sandy and Patrick. As approaches some nuts found on the greenhouse, she eats them all in one gulp. This appetite wasn't one of their personalities nor the plant's behavior. As Sandy notices the hair follicles in SpongeBob's hands. She examines them in the machine and it quickly gathers data of a guy named Forsythe P. Jones. She estimates this guy is the one who has the massive appetite. 

A sly comment pops from Feather as she mentions how many times Sandy said the word conclude. This makes her examine her more into thinking she's smart and not an easy person to be around. To settle in, they offer her to work in the Krusty Krab as an assistant to SpongeBob. As they meet the Krusty Krab owner, Eugene Harold (or commonly named "Mr. Krabs), he gazes at her beauty and tries to flirt with her. As SpongeBob explains the situation, Krabs hasn't been really paying attention, he was busy gazing at Feather. As he's asked if he agrees to the deal, he quickly says yes without noticing his words. Until it was too late, he realize he agreed to offer an extra worker with a payment higher than SpongeBob's by extra 10 dollars. As he kneels down to beg her payment, she refuses to go any lower as she leaves the place and Krabs being dragged, and was stopped only thanks to the door.

As they have finally found her a place to work, they face the problem of her home. SpongeBob offers her to stay in his house. She quickly agrees and soon become friends. As the days pass by, Feather and SpongeBob have become good friends who go to work together. She's been a good "patty-flipper" as SpongeBob describes her. She discovered her talent in ballet as Squidward introduced her to his hobby. Surprisingly, she's made friends with Squidward when she admired his art work. The two have shared a sense of art and she's one of the few Squidward isn't grouchy with.

As she lives with SpongeBob, her time is balanced with work and fun. She enjoys going jellyfish hunting with Patrick and SpongeBob, and loves to fill SpongeBob's house with weird gizmos. As of everyday, her life seems to be eventful with the daily drama and adventures in SpongeBob's life. Rescuing secret recipes, saving the city from a massive earthquake, stopping stampedes of wild fish and so on. Her life proved to be happy and beneficial, as she adds a fun personality and is loved by others.

Her life now along with Sandy seems to be a happy inventor's life. She often shares inventions with Sandy and like to go to visit scientific fairs and create the most weird items out of thin air for weird uses. She now works still in the Krusty Krab as a second cook with SpongeBob and often handles him the items or take care of the second part of the stove. She tried to convince Mr. Krabs to buy another stove but his heart aches to pieces by just the thought and he quickly changes the subject. As she describes her life, it's an eventful paradise underwater.

Strengths: Have high focus, quick thinker, smart. Her thin body and the shape of it allows her to be agile.
Weaknesses: Can not resist not eating anything edible and this often gets her in trouble. Her hair often flows down to her eyes and causes her to not see what's in front of her. Most of the time this causes her to crash and destroy everything in her path. Her sensitivity is very high that she starts crying at the minor things, like SpongeBob. If she doesn't find food when she needs it, she'll go berserk and start causing troubles and melodramas.
Talents: She can dance ballet very well, and is a great cook. She can top anyone in recipes and anything related to kitchen. Her inventing talent hasn't gone waste, as she often invents contraptions, but alas they all go into very illogical uses such as inventing new items pour water, a hand to draw by itself, and these sort of items, along with very hard to make items, but which are used in the most ridiculous methods such as usage of an anti-gravitational machine to cook multiple food on floating fire.
Weapons (if applicable): Her mini-laser gun. She always carries it and modifies it at any chance possible. She literally has no use for it, but she's considered a real killer if she ever used it to brag or when she's sad or angry.
Powers (If applicable): None
Theme Song(s): 

Misc.: Her favorite food is Krusty Krab patties but without pickles. She hates pickles more than anything. Her favorite drink is seaweed shake, and her favorite color is light blue. She has a big fear of worms and starts buzzing her gun around randomly if she sees one until she calms down. Her method of catching Jellyfish consists of having them gaze at her beautiful hair as she quickly traps them in a net.
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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Professor Utonium on Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:48 pm

Name: Melodia Chime Civetta

Nickname: Décypher

Age: Six years old when brought back in time, but 19 when she is released as Décypher.

Gender: Female

Series represented/influenced by: HTML Codes (Original Story)

Appearance and body type: Melodia Chime has long brown hair, with her bangs dyed blond with bleach. Her skin color is pure white, like her father's, and her dress is also the pure white color. The dress is strapless, and a star is printed on the center of the breast. She also has a natural hourglass figure. Melodia's left eye is green, while her right eye is baby blue, and a star was tattooed under her left eye. She also has angel wings, but this cannot be explained because of spoilers, and if she tells her parents why, the story may or may not be ripped apart.

Décypher mantains the same body type, however, her hair is jet black, and so is her new dress. Her dress is skin-tight, starting at her breasts and ending about six inches below her waist. A grey bow rests on her breasts, and one sits on the side of the side of dress. Décypher's hair is in two big pigtails, each kept up with a bow, and with a bow at the end of each one. Her eyes are now blood red. She wears large go-go boots that reach just below her knees. Her left boot is pink, while the right is blood red like her eyes. She hides throwing knvies in her hair bows, and guns in her boots.

Nationality: N/A

Personality: Melodia is shy and doesn't like to open up. After her horrid times in coco, she just can't trust hardly anyone. However, she is a kind and pure soul. She always treats everyone with complete kindness, no matter how cruel they are, except for The Nightmare and KAWAII-Reader, of course. Melodia is always looking out for others, trying to help them in ways where she won't have to get close to them.

Décypher, on the other hand, is cruel and evil. She has no cares about anyone or anything besides herself and her master. Her heart is a cold, black abyss full of spite. Décypher will harm or even kill anyone who gets in her way, and a dark aura follows her everywhere. She does not show any positive emotions, unless she's cackling in the middle of almost killing someone.

Date of Birth: Years after the end of the story.

Species: Glitch


  • Mother- ValVal Civetta
  • Father- Reader
  • Grandmother- Owliva "Da Night Owl" Civetta
  • Brother- Thunders Civetta
  • Unnamed Uncles

Pet/Companions: Her master is The Nightmare.

History: Melodia Chime Civetta would be born shortly after the end of the story and after Da Night Owl's disappearance. However, her mission is to stop her birth from ever happening. When Melodia was six years old, a mysterious curse created by her uncle nearly 20 years before her birth causes her to kill her father. When her mother is sent into a frenzy about this, The Nightmare would come to kidnap her, and drag her into coco. However, The Nightmare also drags her back in time, during the current story, years before the end and Da Night Owl's disappearance.

Melodia was to get used to her new home in the Underworld, along side The Nightmare, KAWAII-Reader, and Carmela, who was also dragged to coco by The Nightmare. Melodia would be beaten by The Nightmare, and completely and udderly tortured for years! She would cry at night, wishing she could go back to her mother, and wishing her curse would go away. As Melodia began hurting herself to cope with being tortured, the curse created scars all the way up her right arm. Scars shaped like rabbits...

When The Nightmare gave Melodia a makeover, changing her from her tattered white dress into her new tight black dress and jet black hair in pig tails, the arm with the scars was covered in ribbons. She was broken.

The Nightmare would no longer call her Melodia, and renamed the girl "Décypher", as this would be the name she would go by once The Nightmare releases her in the Overworld. One day, Melodia finally snapped while being tortured. The Nightmare's plan worked perfectly, and all of Melodia Chime's memories were locked away as she transformed into the homicidal maniac know as Décypher.

Décypher was prepared to be sent into the Overworld, but Carmela, who Melodia became close with in their time in the Underworld, attempted to try and bring Melodia's memories back. KAWAII-Reader accidentally sent Décypher out early, but The Nightmare didn't mind since Carmela put their plan in danger.

Luckily, when Décypher spawned in the Overworld, she spawned right by her parents, Reader and ValVal. Of course, the portal opening in the sky and the girl with large black pigtails falling out of the portal was easily seen. ValVal and Reader walked up to the girl, who was just getting up.

Reader began drooling over Décypher, and it was becoming extremely unsettling for her, knowing he is her father. She tried to keep her cool, and keep her identeny a secret, but Reader pushed her over the edge when he started rubbing up against her. She yelled at the boy for hitting on his daughter, and then accidentally called ValVal "Mom".

Blowing her cover, Décypher continued to attempt to kill both her parents on the spot, using her throwing knives hidden in her hair bows. However, her teenage parents got away, leaving Décypher with one failed attempt at completing her mission.

Décypher found her way back to her parents, but they were in the middle of an arguement with ValVal's brothers. During the commotion, Décypher charged at ValVal with a knife, but Reader noticed and blocked the attack, getting stabbed himself.

Luckily, Reader didn't die from the wound, but she had failed her mission yet again. She ran away from the group, since ValVal's brothers were ready to rip her apart. A month or two later, Décypher was brought to her parents once again, this time inside the Dream Box.

The Dream Box was a glitch in the story, created by Décypher's presence. Whoever was controlling the Dream Box was slowly killing off all of the characters, one by one. She showed up by her parents and ValVal's older brother. Da Night Owl was also in the room, but she was having a hissy fit and not important.

ValVal's older brother ripped off the ribbons covering Décypher's arm covered with scars. The scars that looked like rabbits, which just so happened to be due to the curse created by ValVal's brother. After a long chain of fighting and despair-inducing events, The Nightmare was revealed to be the one controlling the Dream Box.

It was a shock to Décypher, seeing her master in the Overworld. The Nightmare and Reader began to bicker, and then the bickering grew into fighting, and then The Nightmare decided to sent a beam of energy into Reader, nearly killing him. She shot another beam, but missed Reader and sent the beam towards Décypher.

ValVal dropped to her knees, realizing she just saw her own daughter get killed. The Nightmare was extremely confused. She wondered why ValVal was so beat up about Décypher's death when the girl's been trying to murder her for the past two months. ValVal told The Nightmare that she was her daughter, and she'd love her no matter what.

After Reader agreed with ValVal, Décypher's body began to glow. Her pigtails disappeared, as well as her weapons and scars. She reverted back into Melodia Chime, angel wings and all! The Nightmare was furious! Her creation wasn't supposed to change back, she had to kill her mortal enemy! Melodia used her manipulation of the heart ability that she learned from her father before these events happened to
destroy The Nightmare and the curse.

Melodia knew she couldn't stay with her parents. She had to go back to her own time. But now that the curse was broken, she wouldn't kill her dad, and she wouldn't get kidnapped! She could live a normal life! Maybe her parents would have another kid!

But that's another story.

Strengths: Melodia may be kind, but she is a brute on the battlefield. She will protect her family and her friends, using all her strength to do so. Her ability to fly also helps out in battle. She is also able to morph the environment to however she pleases, almost like "Earth-Bending".

Décypher knows how to stay hidden, and she wears pitch black clothing to help her hide in the night, despite her pure white skin. She is quite skilled with guns and knives, and she is able to read minds to find out her opponent's weaknesses. She also uses her coco appeal to her advantage.

Weaknesses: Melodia may be too kind, too trusting. If she opens up, then she may become too attached to a person or thing. She is also very paranoid, but who wouldn't be after being tortured in coco. She doesn't too well in the heat, and will probably pass out.

Décypher has no positive emotions. She cannot feel happiness, and deep down, that harms her. Pure evil can hurt too. Décypher's pigtails are quite large, and will probably get caught in various things if she jumps around. She hates the cold, almost terrified of it, one could say.

Talents: Décypher has the natural ability to read minds, however, it gives her a headache. Melodia can fly with her wings.

Weapons: One gun and two knifves hidden in her boots and bows as Décypher. Melodia does not carry weapons.

Powers: Able to control the enviroment and read minds.

Theme Song(s):
Décypher's Theme - (Papermoon) Soul Eater OP 2

Décypher's Battle Theme - (Theme of the SSS) Angel Beats OST

Melodia's Theme/Décypher's Sad+Despair Theme - (The Light is Getting Brighter/I Don't Want to Say Goodbye) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Exporers of Time and Darkness Remix

Meloda's Battle Theme - (Simple and Clean) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Audio Boost Remix

Melodia's Sad/Despair Theme - (Emma's Theme) Pokemon X/Y

Misc.: Melodia/Décypher is not supposed to exist during the current story. The only thing keeping the story from falling apart is Da Night Owl, who is unaware of what is going on when Melodia/Décypher shows up.

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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:19 pm

(For fun)

Name: Terri Candai

Nickname (If applicable): Foxi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Series represented/influenced by: The Fox and the Hound/RWBY

Appearance and body type: Terri is 5’4” with Caucasian skin tone and an athletic build. She has fiery, straight red hair that is pulled up into a ponytail with her tips a dark black; even in the ponytail, the tips of her hair go to her mid-back. She has auburn eyes that make it possible for her to see better in the night (nothing abnormal for Faunus). Her standard form of clothing is an orange long-sleeve shirt with a black bustier over the shirt, white short-shorts with a white pouch attached to the right side of her shorts. She wears brown leather, knee-high boots with a fox face symbol on the right side of her left boot. She has a fluffy red tail that she can use as a weapon.

Nationality (if applicable): Vytalian

Personality: Terri is a manipulative Faunus and is very prideful, especially of her status as a Faunus. She has a deep hatred of humans stemming from her years of being tortured at their hands. She loves Faunus’ greatly and will treat them kindly, but she will be cold and hateful to humans. She will stand up for Faunus and can’t stand seeing them in pain or getting attacked by humans, and will kill a human if she deems it necessary. She’s a pathological liar and given her cunningness and creativity, she’s able to come up with elaborate lies that normally get her out of trouble. When her lies fail, she’ll use her craftiness to get away. As a Fox-Faunus, Terri is very sly and able to move around with the grace of a fox, and she has the ability to hunt out people or Grimm with her heightened smell. She’s very imbedded in the White Fang cause, thinking of them as her own family. She is hateful towards Faunus who betray her, especially Blake, who she felt betrayed the group. Since then, she has sworn vengeance against Blake and is hunting her down to bring her to justice.

Date of Birth (Year is not necessary): January 06th

Species (If applicable): Faunus

  • Mannix Candai (Father)
  • Jule Candai (Mother - Deceased)

Pet/Companions: None

History: Like Blake, Terri was brought into the White Fang at a very early age. Unlike Blake, however, Terri was all for the scare tactics. She was even okay with the human casualties after her mother was killed by a human. She was hateful towards the old leader of the White Fang ‘cause she didn’t think he did much for their kind, and was all too happy when the new leader took over.

Terri used to be paired with a fellow Faunus, Cod (a Dog-Faunus), and the two were great friends. However, during a robbery in Vale, a Grimm had somehow gotten into the city and attacked the two. The Beowolf attacked and killed Cod, who had protected Terri against it. She killed the Grimm and brought her partner’s body back to the White Fang, who gave him a proper burial. Since that incident, Terri swore against another partner and grew to hate Grimms who look like Canines.

Terri was shocked when Blake abandoned the group, and volunteered to look for her and bring her back to the group so she can face the justice of betraying the group. She would be in touch with Adam from time to time since he was also looking for Blake as well, but the two never really worked together, both of them scorned from having partners.

She has a close relationship with her father, especially after her mother's death, and tells him everything. He is a strong believer in the White Fang as much as she is, and supports his daughter's decision to hunt Blake. He even gave her the option to just kill Blake upon seeing her.

Currently, she is looking around Vale for any sign of Blake, and has been able to pick up on the girl’s faint scent, but she’s looking for more clues before moving to another location to search out her fellow Faunus.

Strengths: Aside from her faunus advantages, she is creative and cunning, allowing her to come up with elaborate lies, she has a vast knowledge in martial arts, and she has a heightened sense of smell.

Weaknesses: She’s afraid of heights, making travel in jump-jets very difficult, she’s terrible at using technology, including tablets, and she gets aggravated easily when around people she deemed “dense”

Talents: She can search out people given her heightened sense of smell

Weapons (if applicable): Unlike the fancy weaponry her fellow White Fang members use, Terri sticks to her old-fashioned shuriken stars (she uses five at a time) combined with her martial arts skills. She carries five spare shuriken in her pouch for “just-in-case” moments.

Powers (If applicable): Her semblance is her ability to create images of herself that can be used as a distraction. The images can talk, but they do not have her abilities, nor can they fight. They are merely meant to distract the opponent.

Theme Song(s): Get Off Of My Back by Bryan Adams

Misc.: Terri has a hatred of canine-like Grimms.



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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Kaiser on Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:15 am

Name: Shun Dunamis

Nickname: Mr. Depression

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Series representing: Tales of (Tales of Destiny 2 and Tales of the World Radiant Mythology specifically)

Appearance/Body type: Shun has an average build. He is around 6 feet and has visible scars all over his abdominal region. He has a tattoo of the kanji for purpose on his right palm. He has shaggy blond hair that covers his right eye and an eye patch to cover his left. When visible, both of his eyes are green, but look so lifeless. He wears a dark green vest with no undershirt and white pants with a black belt. He has a gladius strapped to his back while he ties a rope to his bow so that he can slump it over his shoulder.

Once he’s on Terresia, he switches clothing so that he wears a black sleeveless shirt, orange shorts with black lighting designs on it, and white sneakers. For accessories, he dons a black headband, a white scarf, and a chain that’s attached to the short’s right pocket. Shun also ditches the eye patch and cuts his hair so that his eyes are visible that appear to have the life back in them. Overall, he changes his appearance so that he appears like he’s from the world.

Personality: During childhood, Shun was just an average boy that loved to spend time with his mother. He would always cling on to her, and claim how he would marry her to protect her. He always liked playing around and not taking anything serious. He also had a tendency to fall asleep at the most random times. All in all, he acted like a normal kid that relied on their mom too much. That all changed after her death however.

After her death, Shun became a very stoic individual that barely said a word and didn't reach out to be helped out by others. Even after his father’s suicide, Shun still showed no signs of emotion until he befriended a dog he named Sukaru. As his friendship continued to develop with the animal, he began showing signs of his real personality once again, a playful and jovial boy, and it came even closer to coming out once Kyle reached out and helped the boy leave his depression caused by his mother’s death. After Sukaru’s death however, he closed himself once again. This time however, he took the initiative and tried mimicking Rutee’s personality since she is the strongest person Shun had ever met.

However, once he ended up in a new dimension he began showing his true colors once again, albeit it was very difficult for him to get used to interacting with people again since he had absolutely no social skills to speak of. Once he began getting more and more acquainted with Kanonno, Shun finally let go of his past and finally expressed the same levels of happiness and playfulness he had when he was a child, even his odd habit of falling asleep at random times returned once his emotions became normal again.

Shun’s determination to protect all that he loves never left him, as well as his tendencies to make fresh remarks after someone makes a dumb comment, although he is guilty of making dumb comments as well.  The boy is always active and working, yelling at anyone that shows any sign of laziness since he thinks they don’t understand how hard work really is.

Species: Human

• Deceased father- Shun had a decent relationship until the day his mother died when he was seven years old. From that day on, Shun and his father never could show love to the other, with Shun thinking that being near him would cause his own death and his father entering depression. They tried to avoid the other, until the anniversary of Chelsea’s death when Shun was told the story of how Chelsea helped the heroes over eighteen years ago. After that, he broke down in tears right front of Shun. After that, he committed suicide to escape the pain his heart felt ever since Chelsea’s death. Because of that, Shun closed himself off to everybody, not having a heartfelt talk with any person.
• Chelsea Torn- Shun’s biological mother. While his relationship with his father was average at best, Shun had a very close bond with his mother. Chelsea was the one who taught Shun the very basics of how to use a bow. She planned to eventually teach him how to hunt in an effort to become even closer to her son, but was killed before she had the chance. He soon began mourning for three months before saying one word to someone else. Still though, the love and tenderness she showed Shun was what motivated him to help his foster brother Kyle in his quest to become a hero. Shun also desired to be a master archer in order to honor his mother because she was also an archer.
• Rutee Katrea - Shun cares deeply about his foster mother, despite the fact he can’t properly show his gratitude or love for her. While the main reason he promised to protect Kyle when he found him, Shun did make the promise due to genuine desire to make sure his foster mother didn’t suffer any more pain in her life. She is the first person that comes to mind when Shun is faced with a difficult choice, which shows how much Shun looks up to her despite the fact he wasn’t raised by Rutee his whole life.
• Kyle Dunamis- One of the many foster siblings of Shun that was at the orphanage Rutee ran. Unlike the other foster siblings, Kyle is Rutee’s biological son, which is why Shun was willing to warm his heart up to him. He is eternally thankful to Kyle for convincing him to try and show happiness one more time. That is the main reason why he promises Rutee he will protect Kyle after he left on his journey to become a hero. When asked about his siblings, Shun constantly states that he considers Kyle is his blood brother, signifying how much Shun cared about his foster sibling.
• Kanonno Pasca- Shun meets Kanonno when she first wakes up in the world of Terresia and he’s the one that brings her to the Ad Libitum chapter in Ailily. Originally not wanting anything to do with people after the death of his parents and closest friend. Kanonno originally wants to help Shun in order to repay him for introducing her to Ad Libitum and for helping her when she first woke up, but her motives change to wanting to be friends with the guy and then eventually it’s because she develops romantic feelings for him. Shun, feeling a warm feeling every time he’s around the girl, grows o see her as a friend and to also harbor feelings for her. When Kanonno betrays the guild and joins Widdershin, Shun is the one that is assigned to either get her back or kill her. After an intense fight at the Frosthollow, Kanonno continues to attempt to fight even when she is exhausted, but is stopped by Shun after he reveals not only that he is grateful for Kanonno changing him from his old ways, but that he also loves her, causing the girl to break down in tears and confess her feelings for Shun and to return to Ad Libitum. After Widdershin is defeated, Kanonno decides to stay in Terresia and marries Shun, where they have twins named Silva and Trevor as well as a daughter named Asuna.

• Sukaru – A dog Shun befriended after he began his quest to find Kyle. He is one of his closest friends, and cares deeply about him. Shun also always makes sure that Sukaru is probably taken care of, refusing to let anyone else feed or take the dog out to the bathroom. Shun is heartbroken when Barbatos kills him during a fight, but finally found a purpose in his life because of it: to avenge Sukaru.


Part I: Humble Beginnings (Childhood)

Shun Dunamis is the best example of overcoming an unfortunate childhood. Shun was left motherless as a seven year old after his mother, Chelsea, was murdered by a man going by the name Barbatos. After seeing his wife die in front of his eyes, Shun’s father fell into deep depression and completely neglected his son. Shun learned how to hunt with a bow in order to kill the animals that lived near his small cabin house for food. Eventually, his hunting skills developed into the ability to kill using a short sword or knife in addition to the bow.

A year after the death of his mother, Shun’s father decided to reveal to the young boy the story of how Chelsea accompanied the Swordian heroes and helped save the world years ago…which caused the still mourning father to break down into tears. After hearing that, Shun was even more depressed that he was robbed of such a great woman that would have been his mother. When he woke up the next morning, Shun discovered his father’s lifeless body with one of his knives stuck into his throat and a note. From that day on, Shun repressed most of his emotions so that he would never feel the pain of losing someone again. He refused to read the note, and left for a new home.

On his travels, he met a stray dog that was dying by the streets of a random city. Feeling pity towards, Shun decided to bring him to a doctor, and saved his life because of it. Soon after, the dog followed the young boy everywhere, eventually becoming his faithful companion. It was also around this time hat Shun received the tattoo on his palm.

Knowing that he couldn’t keep his sanity if he stayed in the woods forever, Shun decided to move to the town of Cresta and reside in the Dunamis Orphanage where he met the hero, Rutee Katrea.  It had been two years since her husband had died, and she continued to run the place all alone. She eventually took in Shun and renamed him to Shun Dunamis as every orphan there was given that name to show solidarity. Despite the hospitality of his foster mother and the love his fosters siblings attempted to give him, Shun was still isolated and rarely showed emotion. After a year of sulking, Shun was confronted by one of his foster siblings, a boy named Kyle Dunamis.  

Kyle told the boy that he should stop moping because depression wouldn’t bring his dead parents back, no matter how depressed he was. While he tried ignoring his words, they left a lasting impact that slowly (very slowly) began his ‘rebirth’. Those words would forever be etched into Shun’s mind as not only did it help begin his slow change, but it was also the reason why he desired to be a better foster brother to Kyle.
Part II: Beginning of a Journey of Rebirth
Years later, while Shun still preferred being alone with the dog he befriend years ago (now named Sukaru), he was now willing to talk with Rutee and Kyle, though the conversation itself was very hard for him to pull off since he didn’t have any social skills. He was also able to let out a smile, albeit it was very forced most of the time. The important part was that he was trying to find joy once again and that he was making progress (small progress) as time went by. He figured that at the rate he was going, he could get his life back to the way before the death of his mother someday, even if that someday was a very long time from then. However, he just couldn’t catch a break as more tragedy befell upon the boy.

When Shun was seventeen, Loni Dunamis returned to the Orphanage for a visit and told a now fifteen year old Kyle about the mission he was assigned to. The next day, after successfully predicting his foster brother’s sneaking out to meet up with Loni, Shun promised that he would stay quiet if Kyle returned safely, which the fifteen year old boy agreed to with a grin on his face. That was only the beginning of a long and complicated path that Shun would walk down.

Worried that Kyle would get himself into trouble, Shun also decided to sneak out and follow his foster brother. On the way to where the mission would take place, the boy once again encountered Barbatos, though this was the first time they met face to face. After thinking of all the pain and grief Barbatos caused him, Shun charged towards the man and engaged in a battle he was beaten in rather quickly. Before the final blow could be dealt however, Sukaru jumped in the way and suffered because of it. His dying whines were forever etched into Shun’s mind as Barbatos cut the dog in half right in front of his eyes. Shun fainted shortly after that scene, awakening in a bed at Dunamis Orphanage with Kyle, Loni, and Rutee smiling and sighing out of relief when they witnessed the boy wake up.

Soon after, Kyle and Loni left on a journey, accompanied by a mysterious girl by the name of Reala. Wanting to protect his little brother, Shun soon follows suite and joins the trio shortly before a man named Judas also journeys with the trio. They ended up in a castle of a man named Garr Kelvin, where they stayed a day before Barbatos attacked the place, accompanied by a woman named Elrane this time. She reveals to the group that Barbatos was actually a hero from the Ae’ther Wars hat was resurrected in order to rewrite history so that Elrane would be the most influential person in the new timeline, and sends the group forward in time so that they couldn’t interfere…however, Shun’s transportation to the future ends up way more different than the others. The way that the time travel worked was that the targets were surrounded in an aura where time passed extremely fast and killed the targets while in that aura. Once a certain amount of time passed, the body and soul would be resurrected in the future with the body they had when the technique was used on them. However, while Shun was dead in that aura, the souls of his parents protected him and used the energy the technique generated to instead send him to another dimension. With a tearful goodbye, Shun disappeared from the world he was born and raised in and was teleported to a universe that housed a planet named Terresia.

Part III: A New Tale
After waking up in this new world, Shun began wandering; trying to discover anything about the place he would have to call home. Along the way, he encountered a boy with red hair that was killing boars in the field. Instead of trying to ask that boy for guidance however, Shun instead walked past him and continued on his way, only to be attacked by a mysterious boy wielding twin swords. After an intense fight, the red head that Shun saw before stopped the twin swords user in his tracks and stated that Shun wasn’t the target that he was looking for. After an apology from the both of them, the red introduced himself as Reid while the twin sword user called himself Lloyd before running off again to continue his search.

As Shun attempted to leave the area once again, Reid stopped the boy before he could go too far. The boy told Shun of a town nearby named Ailily and of a guild named Ad Libitum. Before he departed, Reid told Shun that he should consider joining the guild if he wanted to survive in Terresia. After thinking it over for a few minutes, Shun decided that, despite his desires to be alone, it would be in his best interest to scout out the town and join up with the guild he was informed of by Reid.

The moment he stepped foot into town, he was confronted by an old man and two soldiers that accused Shun of being a spy that wanted to destroy the “World Tree”, even though Shun had no idea what that was. A brawl erupted in the main plaza once the two soldiers attempted to arrest the boy and ended when a boy with silver hair helped Shun get away from the scene. After telling the orphan his name was Genis, the silver hair boy brought Shun to the headquarters of Ad Libitum in order to keep him out of anymore trouble. After meeting with the guild leader and performing tasks to prove that he’s ready to join Ad Libitum, Shun was christened as the newest member of the guild. While exploring around a place named the Foot of the World Tree, the boy decided that he should adjust to this new life instead of trying to hang on to his past. Shun grabbed his gladius and cut his hair and letting it blow in the wind. At that moment, Shun noticed a girl unconscious on the ground and quickly brought her to Ailily. Little did he know, that would start the next chapter in his story of life.

Part IV: Intertwined Destinies
After the girl’s awakening while on the way to Ailily, Shun began watching over her from a distance to make sure that she didn’t collapse again. One day, while she was a mission to clear fields of boars, the girl fell to her knees and held her ankle. As a horde of boars began charging towards the girl, all of the mammals suddenly collapsed with an arrow through all of their torsos. As the girl turned around to look for the person that saved her, Shun jumped down for the tree behind her and offered to bring her back to Ailily to fix that knee. As the two began heading back, they started to talk to one another, finding out the other’s name. Kanonno (the name of the girl) and Shun soon began going on more and more missions together, despite Shun’s protests, and eventually develop a friendship.

One day, a man named Stahn came to Ailily, greatly shocking Shun as that was the name of his foster mother’s missing husband. Stahn was revealed to be a member of Ad Libitum from the Doplund chapter that was sent over to assist the town of Ailily rebel against its oppression and free the place. During a scouting mission, Kanonno was kidnapped by a man named Ganser, infuriating Shun and convincing the foster father he never knew to bring the boy along for the liberation mission. This eventually brought the duo to a place called the Orphic Maze, where the old man that tried to arrest Shun when he first arrived to Ailily revealed that he was Ganser. While Stahn fought against the mayor, Shun rescued Kanonno from her bondage and returned to Ailily.

Along the way back, Kanonno told the boy about this thing named Gilgulim, which had been destroying the world slowly and how she remembered that her reasoning for being in Terresia had something to do with it. At that moment, Shun promised the girl that he would help her, no matter what role she had in Gilgulim’s plan. After hearing those words, Kanonno began to blush and finally admitted to herself that she liked Shun. She suggested that the two of them should go to Doplund to possibly find out answer to questions left unanswered (Shun wanting to find out how Stahn was alive in this universe and Kanonno hoping Doplund was the home she had forgotten about).

During their journey to Doplund, Shun not only discovered that Stahn was alive, but the traitor of the Swordian Masters of his universe, Leon Magnus, was also still alive. He was even more shocked when he found his foster mother also in this universe, questioning how any of this was possible. However, as time passed, that started to no longer matter to Shun as he started to focus on helping Kanonno find her memories instead of trying to find the answers to his questions. While going to missions with Kanonno in Doplund as well as helping her in her volunteer work at the orphanage of the town that Rutee ran, Shun also began to develop romantic feelings for Kanonno. Once the duo decided to leave Doplund and head to Gavada to search for Kanonno’s memories, Shun finally admitted to himself that he loved the girl, all the while not realizing that Kanonno felt the same way he did.

At Gavada, the duo arrived to find someone that claims that she could help bring Kanonno’s memories. After hesitation out of fear of losing her old self, the one that she had grown accustomed, would disappear. After encouragement from Shun, Kanonno decided to go ahead and walk towards her memories. However, Shun didn’t expect Kanonno to run away after regaining her memories and started searching for her the second he first discovered that she ran away.

Eventually, he discovered her fighting against someone that claimed to be the “Descender” of Terresia. After stopping the both of them from trying to tear each other apart any longer by knocking out the Descender, Shun tried to reason with Kanonno, trying to discover why she ran away. The girl revealed that she was actually a Descender of a planet named Pasca and how before she lost her memory, she was attempting to kill Terresia. Claiming that Shun wouldn’t understand the pain of losing everyone he loved, she charged towards the boy and engaged in combat, losing in the process.

When she screams for Shun to stay away, the boy approaches her and knocks the sword out of her hand before kneeling down to face her at eye level. At that moment, he kissed her on the lips and finally admitted his love for her before revealing to her his past. Kanonno broke down into tears and began weeping over Shun’s shoulder and confessing her love for the boy. After expressing how much he really was thankful to Kanonno for causing him to change, and how he would protect her no matter what from now on.

The two stay in Ailily until the Descender that fought against Kanonno in the Frosthollow, saved the world by defeating Gilgulim once and for all. The two decided that it would be best for both of them to be happy forever in Terresia, and get married. Eventually, the now married couple had boys, Silva and Trevor, and a girl named Asuna that would also be members of Ad Libitum…but their story is for another time.

Strengths: He is an excellent swimmer, athletic, and knows how to scam people out of money.

Weaknesses: Shun has almost no social skills, isn’t the smartest person since he’s never received any form of education (outside of hunting skills) at all, suffers from survivors guilt since Barbatos caused the death of his mother, his father (indirectly), and one of his closest friends, he is very stubborn, is very dense, and prone to jealousy.

Talents: Shun is a good singer, master archer, and good at stealthy maneuvers. His signature talent however would probably be his ability to scam people. While he does do it to his Ad Libitum mates, Shun general targets no good thugs and freaks to hustle or scam out of all their money.

Weapons: Long bow and arrows when from a distance, a gladius when forced to fight someone face to face.

Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XHkNcikKno

-Shun is unable to use artes, as he never had proper training in order to use them and states it would be useless to know how to use them at this point. He also cites that it would be even more pointless because he already has teammates that know how to use them.
-He claims that he holds the Dunamis Orphanage record for the longest time spent asleep, claiming he’s slept for twenty hours straight.
- Shun’s name is based off the world shunned, as he was ignored for most of his life.

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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Professor Utonium on Mon Dec 30, 2013 1:54 am

I did this in four hours and I haven't revised it but it's late and I'm tired, here you go.

Name: Jean Jewels

Nickname: JJ

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Series represented/influenced by: Skullgirls

Appearance and body type: Jean is of average height for a kid his age. He has short, spiky black hair. His eyes are a light baby blue color, and he wears a band-aid on his nose to cover up a recent cut. On his slim body, he wears his school uniform, a white button-up polo with pockets and long, black dress pants. He always wears a tie that was tied but loose. He has black dress shoes, but they are scuffed up pretty badly.

Nationality: American

Personality: Jean is kind of awkward at times. He tries to be a happy-go-lucky kid, but he always makes every situation feel very strange and awkward. He doesn't try to do this, of course. Despite this, he is a kind soul who is always willing to help out. He is a little greedy, and sometimes only looks into a situation to see what he will benefit from it.

Date of Birth: February 2

Species: Human

Family: Parents and a younger sister.

Pet/Companions: N/A

History: Jean was a normal kid, by all means. He attended a local private school, got good grades, and played for his school's basketball team. One abnormal thing in Jean's life would be his best friend, Carol. He had know Carol since the first grade, and the two were stuck together like glue.

When Jean and Carol were in seventh grade, they came across an old book in the town's library. The book contained information about the Skull Heart, an ancient artifact that can grant a woman's wish, but if she is impure of heart, she'd be turned into an immensely powerful, twisted being of destruction, otherwise known as the Skull Girl. They thought the idea of the Skull Heart was extremely interesting, and the book told them that the Skull Heart was hidden in their very own town!

A year later, Jean's world was sent into total madness when Carol was kidnapped. There was no sign of her anywhere, until a new Skull Girl emerged from the shadows. Jean knew this girl. She went to his school, but she was a few grades lower. It never crossed his mind that sweet little Marie would end up as the Skull Girl.

Jean decided he had to find Carol and they would take down the Skull Girl together. But if he wanted to find her, he would have to learn to fight. Jean began to watch countless movies about fighting, and began to imitate them. He also came across a small handgun, and took it just in case.

Jean found a lead on where Carol was after searching her room. A very specific lead. A name tag laid under Carol's dresser. The name tag read "Valentine - Anti Skullgirl's Lab Zero". Luckily, the secret Lab Zero was discovered and all over the news after the Skull Girl attacked it.

He set out to the lab, and when he got there he discovered it was destroyed and abandoned, probably because of the Skull Girl attack. He found Carol's school uniform torn on the floor of a room, along with a file for an experiment called "Painwheel". After looking through the file and seeing pictures, he knew what happened to Carol. He knew that Carol was the experiment Painwheel.

Knowing Carol, she had probably went off to find whoever did this to her, and Jean's best guess was the woman who kidnapped her. Valentine, an employee at the Anti Skullgirl Labs.

Jean has since set off to find Valentine and Painwheel. He does not plan on giving up hope of getting Carol back anytime soon.

Strengths: Jean is younger and smaller, which benefits him when sneaking around. He's quite skilled with his small handgun, as it is his own form of defense since his fighting skills are sub-par.

Weaknesses: Like previously mentioned, Jean's fighting skills are ok at best. He also gets too emotionally attached to people or other things, which is a terrible thing given the world he's in where the Skull Girl will kill anyone or anything in her way.

Talents: Jean can jump fairly high, allowing him to reach new areas.

Weapons: A small handgun.

Powers: Jean has no powers.

Theme Song(s): (Cherry Bon Bon - SEGA GENESIS REMIX) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu/NESSideConnection

Misc.: Jean has a one-sided crush on Cerebella, a performer in the Cirque des Cartes.

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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  zerowing21 on Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:27 pm

The contest is over, thank you for taking part.

Kyra!Edit: Locked until a winner is chosen.

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Re: Character Design Contest

Post  Kyra_Xyrespace on Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:46 pm

The winners for the 1st Annual Character Design Contest are as following:

1st Place - Shun Dunamis submitted by Kaiser
2nd Place - Jean Jewels submitted by Professor Utonium
3rd Place - Feather-Star submitted by Hikari-Chan

Congratulations to them!

Winners, expect a PM from me about your winnings within the next hour. Any questions about it can be brought up then.



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Re: Character Design Contest

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