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[Must Read] Rules

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[Must Read] Rules

Post  zerowing21 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:08 pm

Here are rules and other important things you need to know for the RP. These will help you create characters as well.

This guideline is to inform you about the world of RP that has been created. The rules of the RP are the following:

Normal Rules

Treat CN characters and OC NPCs with respect; you don’t want others to lash out at you when they are angry, do you?

Do NOT make another account for a OC. Your regular account is what you use to post with while you RP. There is no need to make another account. An account made for just your OC will be deleted.

Taros: Taros and other forms of currency are used in the this universe of the RP. Most are about equal in value.

Weapon Boosts: No weapon boosts are in this RP.

No god modding. It means trying to take over and say something happened to another character when it hasn’t. If you god-mod, an RP Coordinator will either ask you to change it or the Coordinator will change it themselves and place in the editting box why it was edited.

Do not let your OC be a Sue. This is pretty much when your OC is not getting hurt or being able to do anything. To see how to avoid a Sue, check here.

There are no resurrect’ems. It’s a game element and not used in the RP. Only way to revive from death is by a nano and Grim will not bring you back but if a certain amount of time has passed since your death you cannot be revived. There are a few objects that might be able to bring you back as well.

No one is allowed to be a child of Fuse, of Fusions, of Fusion Monsters, nor are they allowed to contain some sort of Fusion material in their body. Just no family ties to Fuse, got it? No connections to magical creatures. This isn’t Twilight, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf. Also, no raised by animal things either. This isn't the Jungle Book. This is FusionFall.

If you want a CN/OC relationship, please ask the RP Coordinators if it is allowed first. Go here for the list of current relationships and to ask for a relationship.

A main OC can be no younger than 5 and no older than 86 (this is for humans; the oldest age for an alien or demon is near unlimited, but they can't be immortal, so be reasonable; Imaginary Friends can be considered younger than 5 as long as they do not look at act younger than 5). Side OCs like family can be at any age.

Please use proper grammar; if you don't, it'll be hard for people to know what you're writing.

Family Rules

If you plan on connecting your OC to a current RPC, please be reasonable in the backstory. Do not just insert the character and assume they've been in the RP for forever. We're nearly hitting our one year anniversery, so a lot of things have happened recently, which means that you can't just insert a character. Insert your OC appropriately. For instance, if your OC is a cousin to someone, have that cousin be new to the area. This is a great way to introduce them.

Families that you cannot be connected to (immediate):

  • Utonium Family
  • The Demon Family (Elyon, Jarvek Kilroy's family)
  • Saturday Family
  • Bagge Family
  • Tennyson Family
  • Hex's Family
  • Agent Six
  • Holiday's Family
  • Uno's Family
  • Gilligan's Family
  • Rowdyruff's Family
  • Salazar's Family
  • The Mayor
  • Finn, Flame Princess, Princess Bubblegum, Jake, LSP, Marcy
  • Irwin's Family
  • Foster Family (Madame Foster, Frankie)
  • Cul-de-Sac Family (minus Rolf)
  • Kanker Family
  • McPherson Family
  • Astronomov Family
  • Him
  • Aku
  • Samurai Jack

Drain Rules

Drain has an effect on all beings and can sap a major portion of a person’s power and energy. First discovered by Holden during combat against Tessa, drain is now seen as a major weakness to everyone. Someone like the puffs take three to four drain hits before they are unable to use any powers. The number of hits depends on the person and recovery from drain can ranged from a day or so to weeks. Drain is an automatic hit, you cannot avoid it. Only specific RPCs can use drain. OCs must ask RP Coordinators if its okay to use drain. Miss use of drain will equal a automatic ban from RP.

There are exceptions to who can be drained or not. The ones who cannot be drained are:

  • Aku- He is a formless evil, and can only be affected by Magic. If an attempt on a drain was to happen, the user would receive a backlash that could place them in coma or even kill them.
  • The Lich- Since he is a powerful undead wizard, there is no "energy" to drain from him, since he is not technically living. If an attempt occurs, the user could be heavily wounded, or die.
  • Grim- He's death, which means he has no energy to be drained. Unlike the others, if a user attempts a drain on him, the user will die from the backlash.
  • Him- He may or may no represent the devil, but he is (as quoted) "so sinister, so evil, so scary, so horribly vile" that energy drawn from him will backlash onto the user, resulting in near-death to death.
  • Eris- She is a goddess, which means a drain brought about by human or alien conventions will be non effective on her. Unlike the others, if there is an attempt, the backlash will simply knock out the person for a day.
  • Val Hallen - Val Hallen is a god. Similar to Eris, if he is drained by a human or alien, it will be non-effective, and the backlash will knock the person out for a day.
  • Ectonurites - The Species known as Ghostfreaks are spirit like beings and thus have negative energy. Any attempts to drain them results in the person being knocked out for a day.

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